Destruction Toolbox

Breach arms you with more than a dozen clever new ways to use destruction that are not possible in any other military shooter.
Here are just a few examples:

What Goes Up

Blow out the ceiling to send your enemy flailing down in front of you.

The Mouse

Create a protected vantage point anywhere by shooting a few bricks out of a wall.

Persuasive Argument

Saw away your enemy’s cover with your .50 cal, so they have to move.

Camper Begone

Eliminate snipers in a balcony by collapsing the whole balcony.

Look Up

Punch a hole through any floor to get a drop on enemies below.

The Handyman

Make your own door in almost any wall — even walls inside buildings.

The Wicked Witch

Crush enemy fighters by crashing a ceiling down on their heads.

The Breach

Stick a breaching charge on someone. Then run away. Fast.