Game Types

Breach includes four different game types:


A Conquest-like Game Type in which both teams compete to capture and hold strategic locations throughout the environment. Points are earned for time in possession of each location.


Similar to Assault and Defend games, except, the target of the assault is a convoy of moving vehicles. One team advances the convoy to safety while the opposing team tries to stop it. Roadblocks and a destructible environment build on the challenge.


Each of the two teams compete to locate a randomly placed Bioweapon canister and deliver it to the drop-off location. Points are scored when a successful retrieval has occurred.

Team Deathmatch

Each of the two teams compete in a race to eliminate enemy forces and reach the score threshold. Points are earned for the total elimination of opposing team members.

Sole Survivor

Eliminate each player on the other team. There are no respawns. Combine Sole Survivor with Hardcore mode for authentic training.